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Rebalance Breakthrough Session


During this 15-minute introductory phone call conversation we will create a crystal clear vision of where you are right now, what's not working, and where you want to be. What's preventing you from breaking through? After this chat you'll be ready to take the next steps to the healthier version of you!

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Starter Nutrition Package

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It all starts here. We'll talk about how you're feeling now, your struggles, your health history, your relationship with food, & where you want your health to be. You'll spend 2 weeks working with me on your most important first step and fine tune or move on during your 2nd session. Together, we will create a blueprint for your health and lifestyle journey, and decide which coaching track is best for you.

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Hormonal Health Track


During our 3 sessions I will help you to identify imbalances in your body. We will develop a practical plan to optimize your bowel health, support your detoxification processes, reduce your toxic exposure, and reduce inflammation in your body because these factors are essential to hormonal balance. I use behavior change & functional nutrition principles to guide you to establish realistic goals. I’ll provide the support you need to make the changes necessary for exciting results to emerge.

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Wellness Support Track


3 months of support for those who looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You'll get wellness reviews and support via a free private portal app. 

  • a virtual check-in session each month (3 sessions total)
  • chat by computer, tablet, or on-the-go by mobile phone
  • track food, exercise, & mood with your private online journal
  • access to unlimited messaging for quick questions
  • receive my 7-day food cleanse ebook
  • daily support and accountability to stick to your goals

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