Balanced Woman Over 40 Method

by Jennifer Katz RDN LDN CC

– founder of Fresh Balance Nutrition

The 5 week program to balance hormones for a healthy weight, more energy, and better sleep in menopause.

Learn the #1 mistake most women make in menopause that keeps them stuck in diet mode.

Hello Goddess !

Are you sick of struggling with perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms like …

  • weight that just won’t come off even though you are eating less and working out more
  • difficulty staying asleep – 2 am is now for worrying instead of sleeping
  • a trifecta of overwhelming stress, anxiety, & depression
  • sugar cravings paired with unstable blood sugar
  •  24 hour heating courtesy of hot flashes & night sweats


I created the Balanced Woman Over 40  Method just for you!

Five one-on-one weekly sessions paired with a 5 module video course to learn the  holistic approach for perimenopause and menopause.

Identify your “why” and create a vision of your personal journey through this powerful phase of life.

Understand how nutrition and other lifestyle systems are essential for your physical and emotional health and happiness.

Most women are told they need to “eat less and exercise more” but that’s not true. Women end up restricting, spending money on weight loss gimmicks, and blaming themselves when none of this works.

Through the Balanced Woman Over 40 Method you’ll learn what we are not told about the hormonal shifts that begin to happen in our 40’s – sudden body changes and unwelcome symptoms.


  • Ignored and told your symptoms are normal?
  • Ashamed because you can’t get to that goal weight
  • Out of control around food because you think you should be eating less
  • Frustrated when you seem to exercise obsessively and the scale won’t move
  • Confused about which diet is for women over 40 dealing with menopause
  • Exhausted by menopausal hot flashes, poor sleep, and anxiety and unable to find natural solutions?

What you can expect with the BALANCED WOMAN OVER 40 METHOD

Enjoy eating food 

You don’t restrict but eat strategically which results in enjoying more energy through the day, you are at your healthy weight, and feel confident about your body.

Lose the cravings

You understand how to keep blood sugar balanced and support a healthy metabolism so you’re savoring delicious meals and snacks without energy-sapping cravings. 

Get a good night’s sleep

You have practices in place to prepare your body for deep sleep. You wake up refreshed from a good night’s sleep, feeling focused, clear-headed, and more energized.

Diminish hot flashes and night sweats

Your lifestyle adjustments impact hormonal symptoms. Menopause symptoms disappear as you feed your body better. You know the right way to exercise for weight balance. Your daily routines include practices that give you more resilience to stress. 

Reduce bloating and “meno-belly”

You know how to plan meals with the best foods for menopause to help digestion and discourage belly fat. Your daily exercise routine supports a body composition shift to more muscle and less fat.

Build new routines

You have replaced unhealthy habits with the latest science-based tips and lifestyle techniques. You easily manage your good health and positive mindset.

What's inside the Balanced Woman Over 40 Method video course?

Module 1: Perimenopause and menopause explained

In this module you’ll learn:

👩🏻‍🦰 Your #1 reason for getting healthy right now

This module includes:

📣 Balanced Woman Over 40 Master Plan
🎥 4 video lessons
📝 1 worksheet to take action

Module 2: Nourishing food

In this module you’ll learn:

👩🏽 My formula for balanced, nourishing meals and optimized metabolism over 40

This module includes:

🥗 Over 40 Food Framework
🎥 3 video lessons
📝 1 worksheet to take action

chicken meatballs

Module 3 Balanced eating

In this module you’ll learn:

👱🏽‍♀️  My meal planning system designed to provide blood sugar balancing function and flavor to your meals and snacks

This module includes:

⚖️ The Balance System
🎥 3 video lessons
📝 1 worksheet to take action

Module 4 Metabolism supportive exercise

In this module you’ll learn:

🧑🏽‍🦰 The 4 most important types of exercise for a woman in menopause

This module includes:

🎥 4 video lessons
📝 1 worksheet to take action

Yoga for Hormonal Balance

Module 5 Stress management and better sleep

In this module you’ll learn:

🧑🏻 Why stress is related to weight gain

👩🏽 Why almost every woman in menopause has trouble sleeping

This module includes:

🎥 4 video lessons
📝 1 worksheet to take action


Balanced Woman Bonuses

Fast Action Guide Book packed with great ways to jumpstart healthy habits in menopause

An app to download to tablet and mobile phone to access content and stay connected on the go

Meal and snack planner to ensure you get the nutrients you need 

  • 5 virtual sessions  to take a deep dive into your goals and current health challenges for a personalized program 
  • 5 modules of video content focusing on the 4 pillars of menopausal health
  • 5 worksheets to put your habits into action
  • Systems for meal and snack planning
  • Ongoing support and check-ins for accountability to keep you moving toward your goals
  • Evidence-based recommendations for professional-grade supplements, personalized to your needs & delivered to your door.

You will have access to our schedule so you can plan your first session or all 5 sessions to suit your availability. 

At our first session we will dive into your Balanced Woman Over 40 Method assessment. You will then have access to all 5 video modules and worksheets to work on at your own pace.

As we move on we’ll work together to identify your goals, build new habits and routines, and test out hormone balancing techniques and supplements that fit your personal story.

It takes time to make changes. Balanced Woman Over 40 Method is designed to help you learn what lifestyle changes will significantly improve issues with weight, sleep, stress, and more. You’ll need to set aside time to view each module and go through your worksheets.  

You’ll learn so much during these 5 weeks. You’ll become an expert of your own body and continue to be more aware of your health long afterwards.

Balanced Woman Over 40 Method is for you if you are in perimenopause, menopause, or even pre-menopause.

Before you are in perimenopause is the best time to prepare to stay healthy, strong, and minimize symptoms. But any phase is the right time to learn how to protect your health and decrease symptoms.

Send me an email with your questions or schedule a complimentary call and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.