medical weight management package

Medical Weight Loss Support Package

✦ 5 sessions to get the most from your weight loss medications paired with proper nutrition, exercise recommendations, and lifestyle strategies.

For those that have difficulty losing weight, medications may be helpful for achieving weight loss.

Doctors prescribing semaglutide, tirzepatide, and other weight loss medications recommend working with a registered dietitian to help correctly balance what to eat in order to avoid malnutrition and excessive muscle loss.

As an expert in nutrition and lifestyle, I can help optimize results, manage side effects, and strategize the transition off of meds to decrease rebound weight gain.


Medical Weight Loss Support Package combines your prescription GLP-1 medication* with 1:1 coaching and support to treat the root cause of obesity and weight gain.

Weight loss medications are designed to help you reduce the amount of food you are eating and slow the movement of the food you do eat through your digestive system so you feel fuller longer. They can help you quiet the “food noise” and cut your cravings.

✦ But you may not be eating enough for good health or may be experiencing negative side effects that prevent you from eating well.

✦ You can become dehydrated if you aren’t able to drink enough liquids.

✦ Weight loss meds have been shown to be very good at helping you lose weight if you’ve had difficulty before but we don’t want you to lose too much muscle or miss out on essential nutrients.

✦ Learn which nutrients will optimize your results, how much you need, what foods contain them, and when to eat them.

medical weight loss
  • Now that food is slowing through your digestive tract, what do you do about constipation?
  • How do you calculate how much water you should be drinking? 
  • What’s the best advice for reflux?
  • What’s the best diet when you’re on weight loss meds? What foods slow weight loss?
  • Will I need to take any supplements?
  • What are the best sources of protein and how much do I need?

→ Learn about your relationship with food and how to change it to improve health

→ Start using the lifestyle habits that improve blood sugar balance and keep your body at your healthy weight naturally

→ Understand why building muscle keeps calorie burning on auto-pilot

→ Begin a simple routine of walking to greatly improve your metabolism

→ Improve your health and quality of life with weight loss medications + strategic nutrition & lifestyle changes

walking for health

You’re not just another weight loss patient.    Let’s get started personalizing your health so you can get the best results!

* Prescription weight loss medication must be obtained from your doctor. Fresh Balance Nutrition does not prescribe weight loss medications.