eating and lifestyle strategies for women

learn how to confidently manage perimenopause & menopause


I’m Jennifer. As a culinary medicine dietitian – nutritionist I can help

  • reset your weight, energy, mood, & stress level
  • optimize your digestion, detoxification, and turn on your health protective genes
  • provide you with my favorite recipes and lifestyle tips for living vibrantly


virtual coaching

Conveniently from your home, office, or on the go. Stay motivated with text and email support, food journal, and more via mobile app

6 weeks to a balanced you

The Balance Program is a 6-week experience that guides you through designing a personalized approach for a healthy lifestyle

healthy food

Exclusive recipes created to help you eat well and health articles to keep you informed about how to boost your energy, improve digestion, and prepare your body for long-term health

happy clients

Want Some Recipe Ideas?

Learn how to make each ingredient help to relieve perimenopause symptoms. Get 5 delicious, hormone balancing recipes using plants, herbs, & spices that will soothe your body.