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Fresh Balance Nutrition

“I’m glad you’re here”

You are seeking an answer to improve how you look and how you feel. You’ve come to the right place because I can provide you the resources, insight, and motivation to reach and maintain your weight and health balance. You have the power to take control of your own body by engineering the right way to eat for your genetics, digestive issues, and detoxification system. That’s just mind-blowing, right? I’m here to accompany you on your journey to your healthiest self.

Are you feeling frustrated because:

you are losing the battle of the bulge especially in the hips & butt
you’re exhausted during the day but not sleeping well at night
you’re embarrassed about how you look in your clothes
you’re baffled by the brain fog you frequently struggle with
you can’t figure out whether exercise or dieting will get rid of your bloating and puffiness
you’re tired of suffering through hot flashes and night sweats
you’re overpowered by mood swings, depression, irritability, or PMS


Be done with dieting and learn how to eat to find the healthy you. I want you to feel relieved that eating is the scientifically proven way to reach a proper weight, reduce or end digestive and chronic health issues, and sustain these results for life. But you need to know what foods are the ones that will nourish the biological system that is YOU and optimize your individual hormonal makeup.


My clients get lasting results because we start setting up their healthy lifestyle right away. We actually do the pantry cleansing, meal and snack planning, shopping, and cooking so they can feel familiar, confident and comfortable with their healthy lifestyle.

Before you commit to working with me, take a minute…
are you sure you are ready to make a sustainable change?

are you willing to carve out the time to prepare delicious food in advance so you are never without a food choice that supports your goals?
will you spend an hour a few times a week to move until you sweat to decrease harmful hormones and feel your toned and tightened muscles zing?
are you ready to experience the effects that new foods and innovative recipes will have on your weight, mood, and energy level?
are you agreeable to reducing your addiction to sugar, processed foods, and other inflammatory fare to decrease bloating, weight gain, and skin breakouts?

I will keep you accountable to your goals with mindful eating techniques, key sustained weight loss strategies, and hormone-balancing foods that will unlock your natural energy, vitality, and health – the real you!

And be sure to explore my blog recipes

I’ve very carefully curated a collection of dishes that are anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, anti-aging, disease-defying, hormone-soothing, plant-based, & nutrient dense so you don’t have to worry about where to look for delicious ideas!

Fresh Balance Nutrition is your source for optimizing your hormones naturally through food and lifestyle. As a culinary medicine dietitian/ nutritionist I can help you reset your weight, energy, mood, and stress level. Let’s optimize your digestion, detoxification, and turn on your health protective genes. I’ll share with you my favorite recipes and lifestyle tips for living vibrantly.