perimenopause symptoms

Additional Resources

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module 1 resources

women menopause

Several studies suggest that Green Tea can boost metabolism and help people burn 3–4% more calories each day

Rhodiola is an adaptogen which helps lower cortisol and weight around waist

Berberine helps support the management of blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

Adequate Vitamin D3 levels help improve weight loss results

Magnesium Citrate improves insulin resistance, energy, & metabolism. It also helps with anxiety & muscle relaxation.

Methylated B-Complex ensures healthy metabolism & healthy adrenals, clears bad estrogen, improves PMS & bloat

Whey Protein

Orgain Whey Protein Powder


Plant Protein

Sakara Organic Protein & Greens Super Powder


Collagen Protein

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides


N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine (NAC)

supports detoxification of heavy metals & alcohol

Omega-3 EPA+DHA

support for weight loss, joint pain, heart health, and mood

balanced tips

  • If you do choose to drink alcohol, don’t drink on an empty stomach. Get a few bites of healthy food in there first, then sip.
  • Drink from the smallest glass you have. You may drink less all together if you use a small container.

module 2 resources

women perimenopause

Ceylon Cinnamon

improves blood sugar metabolism


Metabolism Support

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder


Adequate Vitamin D3 helps regulate appetite


Magnesium Citrate

helps alleviate constipation

Berberine helps support the management of blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity

Purelean Whey Protein

highly purified, cold-processed, undenatured whey protein for healthy weight management, contains leucine essential for muscle building

PureLean Fiber

supports healthy fiber intake for optimal digestive health, healthy glycemic response and overall weight management, helps to remove bad estrogen from body


Classic Monkfruit Sweetener


balanced tips

  • Move after meals. Take a walk after lunch/dinner to use your food instead of storing it on your body. This habit can make an impact on weight loss over time.
  • For lowest sugar impact sweeten with erythritol, monkfruit, stevia, xylitol
  • Sweet cravings? try peppermint tea

module 3 resources

healthy breakfast

Apple Cider Vinegar

with live cultures for blood sugar balance & digestion


Vanilla Stevia

healthy sugar alternative


Glass Food Containers

24-piece set. BPA-free lids.


Dandelion Bitters

support the liver and the GI tract, promoting optimal digestion


Women 50+ Probiotic

benefits specifically targeted for women over 50


G.I. tract health and comfort as well as immune cell function, maintains intestinal flora, support healthy yeast balance

balanced tips

  • Constipated? Drink more water and add beets to your meals.

module 4 resources

perimenopause exercise

64 oz Water Bottle

Inspirational messages with time marker to ensure you drink enough water daily


orgain protein powder

Plant Protein Powder

30g of organic, plant-based protein, plus 5g of BCAAs, organic, plant-based ingredients, including tart cherry, fermented turmeric and ginger


Tart Cherry Extract

promotes heart and brain health, also faster recovery of isometric strength and muscle function after exercise


Organic Tart Cherry Concentrate

antioxidants and phytochemicals, support healthy inflammatory response system, healthy sleep and anti-aging effects

Magnesium Glycinate

minimizes joint and muscle pain as well as muscle cramps, lessens anxiety, improves sleep quality

balanced tips

  • Is your weight stuck? Might be how you’re exercising. Take a recovery break. Back off your usual routine and do a few days of slow nature walks, restorative yoga, massage, gentle stretching.
  • Stay ahead of your thirst. Drink water first thing each morning. Lemon water, herbal tea, or green tea. Get it in before your coffee!

module 5 resources

perimenopause stress

Gut Instinct Probiotic

supports healthy digestion, boosts immunity + good bacteria, nurtures the gut to support overall health


Worry Journal

for leaving your bullsh*t behind and creating a happy life


Gossamer Dusk

Gossamer Dusk CBD oil

a unique formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes engineered to help you rest


Mighty Night

Mighty Night

promotes optimal sleep, improves skin texture + tone, supports cell turnover


a blend of calming herbs and minerals designed to support healthy muscle relaxation & promote quality sleep without causing drowsiness or sleep-hangover

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium increases GABA, which encourages relaxation as well as sleep

HPA Adapt

supports healthy stress hormone balance via the HPA axis with rhodiola root extract, Sensoril® ashwagandha, eleuthero root extract, and standardized extract of maca and holy basil leaf 


boosts energy levels and concentration while supporting the body’s capacity to handle stress

Ear Plugs

reusable soft silicone, sound blocking for sleeping 


ChiliPAD Sleep System

The chiliPAD is the premier cool-sleep solution


Cozy Earth Bedding

designed for hot flashes and night sweats, this bamboo bedding  helps you sleep at the perfect temperature, 50% less humid and cooler than cotton.


a relaxing yoga routine will help calm your mind and body for a better night’s sleep

Sleep and Relax Herbal Tea

promotes relaxing & restorative sleep

oura ring

Oura Ring

Day and night, Oura helps you realize your potential through three simple scores: Readiness, Sleep, and Activity. 

balanced tips

  • Join my favorite peri/menopause Facebook groups here, here, and here.
  • Apps for sleep & stress Calm, Insight Timer, CBT-i Coach.
  • Still tired? Walk, jog, or bike in the morning sun to boost mood & energy for the day.

module 6 resources

kari gran

Clean Beauty

carefully curated brands that focus on healthy & clean ingredients


Mindfulness Journal

helps women slow down and enjoy life rather than pushing for perfection


A Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery

uncover the best version of yourself, who is meant to shine and feel purposeful so you can live your most fulfilling life




panty solution for perimenopause heavy period leaks & urine leaks

Women’s Nutrients

multivitamin and mineral complex for women over 40 improves enzyme dependent detoxification pathways 

Bone Health

Vitamin D3, support for bone, breast, cardiovascular, colon and immune health

Adaptogenic Mushroom Blend

immune, detoxification, cardiovascular and cellular health

Mushroom Master Blend

a powerful master blend of adaptogens and mushrooms and for vibrant health

Golden Milk

with organic anti-inflammatory turmeric and stress & anxiety relieving ashwagandha

Dandelion Root Tea

supports liver health and detoxification

Matcha Green Tea

can contribute a small impact on weight loss, reduce cholesterol, reduce cancer risk, help balance blood sugar

Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter System

Just say no to toxic water, remove/reduce chlorine, fluoride, pathogens, VOC’s, heavy metals, and more


Vitruvi Diffuser

diffusing essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, majoram, and frankincense promote stress-relief and deeper, restorative sleep

balanced tips

  • My favorite app for food tracking and planning meals ahead is Lose It