Fresh Balance Nutrition is excited to partner with Healthie to provide client-centered, web- and Android/iOS-app-based electronic health record & communication services. Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant, secure/encrypted, easy-to-use web and mobile platform that allows you to stay connected to Fresh Balance Nutrition at all the times. Take pictures of your meals, log a workout, or instant message at any time to get your questions answered.

You can seamlessly stay connected with Fresh Balance Nutrition in between appointments and quickly share photos of meals, nutrition labels, or other nutrition-related information that you’d like to discuss.

If you live in a Maryland location inconvenient to my office, are traveling, or can’t leave your office for a nutrition session with me, you’re in luck! Healthie provides us the flexibility of videoconferencing conducted over an encrypted network, and meetings are not recorded.

HIPAA-compliant, encrypted/secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) system
Track your food with photo food logging, track your weight, log your workouts, and video chat me directly- right from your phone!
Take selfie progress photos, schedule your sessions, and view your health markers easily
Use your mobile app to instant message at any time to get your questions answered (within 36 hours)
Use secure video chat (telehealth) when you are away from home or don’t feel like leaving home
Share victories, get encouragement & receive tailored nutrition documents and health information
Upload relevant medical records and lab reports
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