Hello Goddess !

Are you sick of struggling with perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms like …

  • weight that just won’t come off even though you are eating less and working out more
  • difficulty staying asleep – 2 am is now for worrying instead of sleeping
  • a trifecta of overwhelming stress, anxiety, & depression
  • sugar cravings paired with unstable blood sugar
  •  24 hour heating courtesy of hot flashes & night sweats

I created The Balance Program just for you!

through this 6 week journey you’ll learn …

  • how to plan meals to avoid eating the foods that trigger hot flashes
  • which types of exercise will help get rid of stubborn belly fat
  • the real science behind your peri/menopause symptoms
  • healthy habits to better handle life’s stresses

plus, you’ll get …

  • my custom meal planner to organize hormone supportive meals 
  • informal homework assignments to help you take action now
  • tips & tricks I use to manage weight, mood, night sweats, and more
  • access to a private community chat for questions and comment

the balance program is for

women 35+ who are looking for the latest tips and techniques for living more comfortably and thriving in perimenopause and beyond

Module 1: everything is different in perimenopause & menopause

The way we digest and store the food we eat, how we handle stress, the quality of our sleep, the type of exercise our bodies need all change as we enter perimenopause. How we adapt determines how smooth or turbulent the journey through these years will be, how well we age.

Module 2: the key to balanced eating in peri/menopause

Insulin resistance is an important concept that will set you up for a more comfortable peri/menopause. There is a connection between what you eat, how your body reacts to it and your hormone balance, inflammation, weight changes, and just about every symptom of peri/menopause

Module 3: feed your body for healthy weight & symptom relief

“Don’t eat for weight loss - eat for blood sugar balance”. Women in peri/menopause become more insulin resistant., meaning eating high amounts of carbohydrates will probably lead to blood sugar spikes. Meal planning is essential to avoid eating foods that will upset hormone balance. Planning also helps to control portions.

Module 4: exercise and hydration

Exercise plays a huge role in helping to balance hormones. Strength training is critical for keeping our muscle mass and for keeping bones strong. High intensity bursts during workouts are best for weight loss and weight maintenance. Staying hydrated maintains metabolism, benefits skin health, and facilitates a thorough detoxification.

Module 5: stress and sleep

Stress and anxiety become an issue or are amplified in peri/menopause. Getting to sleep, staying asleep, and quality of sleep are all concerns for most women. Our sleep deprived brain is less able to make good eating choices, so we may go astray from a healthy eating plan and eat more impulsively in an under slept state.

Module 6: Making your new habits a lifestyle

Now that you’ve made the essential adjustments for a healthy peri/menopause let’s make sure you keep these new habits a daily practice.

  • 6 lessons which focus on the exact changes you can make to take control of your changing health and hormone fluctuations
  • weekly meal plan suggestions with recipes to help you stop eating foods that trigger hot flashes
  • journals for tracking food, exercise, and changes in symptoms
  • access to my recommended products, supplements, and tips for navigating peri/menopause  

When you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email with the details of the 6-week program. Each week you’ll receive hard-to-find information that we are never told about perimenopause and menopause.  Each module includes worksheets, menus, recipes, and a collection of additional resources. 

It takes time to make changes. The Balance Program is designed to help you learn what lifestyle changes will significantly improve issues with weight, sleep, stress, and more. You’ll need to set aside time to read through each module and track daily changes in what you eat, how you move, how you sleep, and how these changes affect your symptoms.  

You’ll learn so much during these 6 weeks and continue to study and be more aware of your health long afterwards.

The Balance Program is for you if you are in perimenopause, menopause, or even premenopause. Before you are in perimenopause is the best time to prepare to stay healthy,strong, and minimize symptoms. But any phase is the right time to learn how to protect your health and decrease symptoms.

You will have access to the Balance Program content throughout the 6 weeks of the session you’ve enrolled in. 

I’ll be moderating the community chat where we can discuss general questions regarding the program. If you have more individual questions requiring knowledge of your health history and managing any health conditions while in perimenopause, I’d recommend following up the program with 1-1 Fresh Balance Nutrition coaching. Book your free call and we can discuss!

Send me an email with your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.