imagine yourself reaching your ideal healthy weight without starving and feeling deprived
think of how proud you will feel to be in control around food
envision your refrigerator with containers of many healthy food choices to grab-and-go
picture yourself at parties, on the beach, and in exercise class looking fit and feeling confident
fantasize how great you will look in the clothes you really want to wear
imagine yourself feeling relief from hot flashes, exhaustion, sleeplessness, bloating…
think of how liberating it will be to quit yo-yo dieting and have the puzzle of what to eat figured out for you

I love to help women who come to me feeling dull, dumpy, and depressed
to find their healthiest, happiest self.

4 step

3 month

VIP Membership


Revitalize your Body

During our 4 sessions I will help you to identify imbalances in your body. We will create a crystal clear plan to optimize your bowel health, support your detoxification processes, reduce your toxic exposure, and reduce inflammation in your body because these factors are essential to hormonal balance. I will guide you to establish realistic goals and I’ll provide the support you need to make the changes necessary for exciting results to emerge.

After you have started your journey to healthier habits and a body that feels amazing you may want to continue to support your progress with:

  • follow up sessions to monitor your progress
  • kitchen transformation I won’t trash your kitchen but we’ll go through everything and label the whole foods that heal and strengthen your body daily, those that you can enjoy a few days a week, and the foods that will throw your body into crisis mode.
  • grocery store tour with healthy hormone balance shopping list & my latest inspiring balanced recipes packet
  • Nourishing Kitchen cooking session with recipes and a special kitchen gift

Counseling sessions can be scheduled in my Columbia , MD office or virtually from the comfort of your own home or office!


Replenish your Lifestyle

3 months of focused coaching and hands-on work including a kitchen transformation, grocery store tour, and cooking session. Your relationship with food is very personal. What you choose to eat can make you sick or allow you to feel radiant and unstoppable. We will leave no stone unturned. This program is ideal for those who are ready to make a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle change:

  • ending cravings and out-of-control weight gain
  • getting your body and mind back on track without pills, surgery, or fad dieting
  • understanding what to eat to nourish and strengthen your body
  • learning which foods are causing inflammation and throwing off your hormones
  • building lean muscle and increasing metabolism

Did you know that you can reduce your risk of disease by including of certain foods, herbs, and spices in your meals?
Let’s get them onto your plate


Balanced for Life

This is my VIP membership with plenty of perks essential to keeping you on track all year long.

Your Personal Nutritionist Services include:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited food, physical activity, and goals tracking
  • Unlimited support between sessions
  • private consultations for special celebrations or life events (parties, bikini season, reunions, weddings, healthy pregnancy preparation)
  • dining out and special event strategies
  • eating plans, targeted food products, and recipes for traveling and eating while on the road.
  • grocery store tours or farmers market tours
  • 1 kitchen transformation plus periodic monitoring to make sure things have not crept in and to introduce seasonal foods or new health supportive items.
  • 2 cooking sessions
  • monthly virtual check-in sessions to keep you on track and accountable to sustain your healthy efforts
  • an activity plan – strategize the way you want to get your weekly movement into your schedule
  • seasonal meal plans with shopping lists
  • VIP access to newly developed hormone supportive recipes

~ Confused about how and what to cook for your new hormonally balanced lifestyle? ~

It can be overwhelming to merge new foods and cooking techniques into your daily routine. Please don’t give up! Call me to schedule a planning, shopping, and cooking session with me to jump start your success

~ And speaking of that! ~

Have you or someone you know been placed on a therapeutic diet by your physician? It can be scary to come home with a special diet prescription and face the now unhealthy, possibly dangerous contents of your kitchen.

~ Allow me to share my medical nutrition knowledge ~

to get you set with proper meal plans, a pantry and refrigerator full of detoxifying and immune-boosting foods as well as recipes and cooking ideas that will heal and nourish you.

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