Friendly Finds for March

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This month I thought I’d share the health books I’ve been reading lately. I like to keep a list of books that support the healthy efforts of my clients – books that support hormonal health, healthy lifestyle, plant-based cooking, etc.

Some were just recently published, others have been go-to resources for several years. Here are the ones that have caught my attention lately or have a permanent spot on my bookshelf :

In her latest book Dr. Aviva Romm connects common symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune conditions to something she calls Survival Overdrive Syndrome, a condition that occurs when the body becomes overloaded.

The two systems that are most affected are the adrenal system and the thyroid, which control mood, hormones, inflammation, immunity, energy, weight, will power, blood sugar balance, cholesterol, sleep, and a host of other bodily functions. When these systems become overwhelmed they lead to symptoms that can develop into full blown illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

She explains how to deal with this syndrome without resorting immediately to drugs and rebalance metabolism and hormones for lasting health.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s latest book is full of essential tidbits of information to help you make the smartest choices in the grocery store. He takes a fine-tooth comb through every food category to explain which foods nurture our health and which pose a threat.

He also explains how food can be our medicine and play a part in decreasing risk of chronic disease. He teaches how our food system and politics have an impact on the environment, the economy, social justice, and personal health. In addition, he encourages us to eat to nourish our bodies and the earth.

Younger by Sara Gottfried MD

Dr. Sara’s book will introduce you to the concept of nutrigenomics if you are not already familiar. Throughout her new book about how to age well, she explains how genes affect the body’s tendency to age.  However, genes can be turned on or off by environment, diet, and lifestyle choices.

By regulating diet, sleep, exercise, and environment, women can change their gene expression, roll back the effects of aging, and live longer and fuller lives. She provides a process designed to increase not just lifespan, but healthspan—the time during which her readers can be active, cognitively engaged, and fit.

Pick up any of Christiane Northrup’s books and you will be enlightened by her dramatically new vision of midlife. She encourages us not to describe peri menopause and menopause to ourselves as physical symptoms to be “fixed,” but as a mind-body revolution yielding the greatest opportunity for growth since adolescence. She encourages us to understand that the choices a woman makes now—from the quality of her relationships to the quality of her diet—have the power to secure vibrant health and well-being for the rest of her life.

Feeling out of touch with your appetite? This book can help you reclaim joy and satisfaction from food by tuning into body cues on what, when, and how much to eat. It also includes a link to a 75-minute online mindful eating exercise program.

You will learn how to:

  • Tune into your body’s own wisdom about what, when, and how much to eat
  • Eat less while feeling fully satisfied
  • Identify your habits and patterns with food
  • Develop a more compassionate attitude toward your struggles with eating
  • Discover what you’re really hungry for

A book for Ayurveda beginners, you’ll learn to incorporate holistic health practices into your everyday life. It offers 50 exercises to balance the body, mind and spirit with yoga, diet, breathing, mindfulness techniques and more.

Plant-Based Nutrition by Julieanna Hever MS RD and Ray Cronise

I’m big on teaching my clients how eating plants can change their lives. This book provides science-based information for:

  • A wealth of information on the most nutrient-dense foods in the plant kingdom
  • A new Food Triangle, representing a completely new way of looking at food and nutrition
  • New perspectives on macronutrients, and why categorizing protein, carbs, and fats as food groups causes unnecessary confusion about what to eat
  • The latest science on oxidative priority and how it explains why many common recipes drive unintentional weight gain
  • Healthspan and longevity recommendations based on the latest research

An increasing number of well-informed physicians and dietitian/nutritionists advocate a completely plant-based diet for many of their patients who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon

I’m more likely to make a recipe if I can see a beautiful photograph of the final dish. This is Angela Liddon’s second gorgeous cookbook full of delicious plant-based food. You’ll be excited about eating healthy after leafing through the pages of her creations.

The Healthy Mind Cookbook by Rebecca Katz

There’s been a lot of research on brain health and the connection to what we choose to eat. Rebecca Katz’s latest collection of delicious ideas make good use of nutrient-dense foods that can improve the brain’s ability to control cognition, emotion, and physical function—all of which dictate memory and mood and help to stave off diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.