Friendly Finds for October

In Friendly Finds by Jennifer

Get in touch with your authentic self and lower your cortisol level. Don’t stress about the way you think, act, and react. You’ve most likely already taken a personality test but dig a little bit deeper to examine how you respond to expectations. Expand your self knowledge and embrace who you are. Read more here.

Let’s just go ahead and talk about this. Gnarly period accidents. Sidelining your whole day because of heavy flow and fear of embarrassing accidents. Finally occurred to you that 100% organic cotton (as opposed to propylene glycol) might be better touching anywhere in or around yer private parts? Check this out, not only for you but for your precious daughter!

Has your lunch container worn out? Looking for a nicely designed lunch box with lots of room for hand fulls of leafy greens plus your roasted veggies, and slices of grilled organic lemon rosemary chicken? I love the look of this one. I definitely have to make some sushi so I can use the chopsticks, too.