Friendly Finds for April

In Friendly Finds, Healthy Lifestyle by Jennifer

This month I want to share some food organizing ideas with you. I always warn my clients about the risks of storing food in plastic containers, heating food in plastic, and covering food with plastic wrap while reheating. Plastic leaches chemicals that are hormone disruptors and mimic estrogen. These dangerous chemicals can contribute to hormonal imbalance, obesity, as well as a greater risk of cancer. Even plastics boasting that they are free of BPA may release other chemicals which have estrogenic activity. While it may be difficult to avoid plastic completely from our lives we can make it a goal to reduce the amount of plastic and disposables that we come in contact with everyday.

Here are some ideas for safe ways to store and transport food without upsetting you hormone balance:

I use these glass bottles with carrying loops for my smoothies, juices, or simply water with lemon, mint, and a scoop of blue spirulina. They are just begging to be filled with some eye-catching combination which may encourage you to keep yourself hydrated. Muddle some spring strawberries with mint or try basil and lime. Arrange your masterpieces on your fridge shelf and share on Insta!

Always use glass containers instead of plastic to store leftovers or other ingredients. Here are some I’ve been using that have lasted for years. These even have compartments. Have you been wanting to organize your healthy food to avoid waste or just started batch cooking on Sunday’s? These containers can go from fridge to work to microwave to dishwasher. Win-win-win!

Weck jars and mason jars are always fun. Here are some lids to use over and over. Nuts, seeds, and beans look so nice in jars. Overnight oats just belong in a mason jar. Soup or salad travel well in one too.

Produce bags minimize the need for plastic food storage bags and decrease the time your produce spends exposed to chemicals. Store toys and other items in them too to reduce the many plastics your family touches all day long.