Friendly Finds for February

In Friendly Finds, Healthy Lifestyle by Jennifer

Let’s hack this travel thing and make it healthier. Before you go bounding out the door to take a road trip or flight for work or play, pause … plan ahead. Here are some great ideas I’ve collected to help transition your away-from-home eating, sleeping, and exercising as smoothly as possible.

Individual packets are really useful here. Bring a shaker bottle and a packet for each day of travel. Simply shake up water, ice, and protein powder to start your day with stable blood sugar. Another option, be on the lookout for a low sugar smoothie (mostly veggie ingredients and a smidge of fruit to sweeten). Just stir in your own protein powder or order an iced latte and add protein for blood sugar stability plus a buzz.

I don’t know about you but sleeping at home in my comfy bed with all the familiar house creaks and peeper frog chirps is very soothing to me. Getting a good night’s sleep anywhere else is sometimes a challenge and can ruin the whole trip. Always request a room away from the elevator and ice machine. Packing some little foam ear plugs and a light blocking eye mask can help you get some solid zzz’s. Remember how important sleep is in balancing hormones and blood sugar so you won’t overeat or eat the wrong things the next day.

No matter how much fun you may be having, traveling can be a stressful change for your digestive system. Who else gets constipated away from home? Raise your hands. I travel with packets of Calm. It contains magnesium which relaxes muscles and helps you destress and sleep better. That includes the muscles in your intestines and colon allowing you to stay regular on your road trip.

Travel takes me out of my usual water sipping routine and can quickly leave me parched. On top of that even a short flight in the dehydrating environment of an airplane seems to suck every drop of fluid from my cells. Create a travel hydration plan starting the day before you leave. Make sure you’re maximizing your fluids all day and into the evening on day -1 to plump up your water-loving cells. It’s always a good idea to have a refillable water bottle within arms reach when you’re ready to roll out the next day. I have mine ready to fill after getting through security at the airport. It’s on my bedside table every night in a hotel. And I fill it up for workouts throughout my vacation.

It’s not difficult to find a cute pair of lightweight shoes these days. I make sure I tuck in a pair for workouts because I just need to keep the movement in my routine even when I’m on vacation. I just start to feel sluggish and stiff without firing up my muscles each day. With a pair of sturdy shoes in my suitcase I’m all ready for exploring a new city, hiking the trails, or getting a quick workout in the hotel gym.