Learn 11 simple strategies to manage weight gain and hormonal symptoms in perimenopause & menopause

Hey Goddess! You’ve tried all the diets and pills but you’re still struggling with stubborn weight gain and debilitating hormonal symptoms?

I have developed a 21-day protocol that will jump start your metabolic health and decrease insulin resistance

the root cause of relentless weight gain and the source of most of your hormonal symptoms!

You will get clear, scientifically proven strategies in my Fresh Balance Reset :

What you'll get

By the end of 21 days…

you’ll have the tools to make a major impact on your weight and symptoms like hot flashes and brain fog.

you’ll know how to build researched habits that will support your health through perimenopause and beyond.

you’ll have resources at your fingertips for better sleep, revving up metabolism, and balancing blood sugar.

Got Questions?

Each week you’ll receive an email introducing the strategies for the week. You have access to the 21-day Reset meal plan so you can start prepping balanced meals and snacks for the week. The Reset resource guide will offer ideas for kitchen equipment, the best women’s supplements, and other key tools for change. You’ll have a worksheet to keep track of your food, exercise, and symptoms. Use the private chat to let me know how you are doing and to celebrate your wins.

Fresh Balance Reset is for you if you are 35+ in perimenopause, menopause, or even premenopause. Before you are in perimenopause is the best time to prepare to stay healthy, strong, and minimize symptoms. But any phase is the right time to learn how to protect your health and decrease symptoms.

You will have access to Fresh Balance Reset content throughout the 3 weeks of the session in which you’ve enrolled.

I’ll be moderating the participant chat where we can discuss general questions regarding the Reset. If you have more individual questions requiring knowledge of your health history and managing any health conditions while in perimenopause, I’d recommend following up the program with 1-1 Fresh Balance Nutrition coaching. Book your free call and we can discuss!

The Fresh Balance Reset is $275 for 3 weeks of guidance, the ecookbook, and exclusive access to my favorite perimenopause resources!

Send me an email with your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.