Fresh Balance Reset Resources

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week 1 resources

orgain protein powder

Orgain Whey Protein

Whey protein is high in leucine essential for muscle protein synthesis in women

plant protein

Protein & Greens Super Powder

Pea protein for building muscle + greens for detox

W&P porter

W & P Kitchen Essentials

BPA free food storage products.

week 2 resources

woman with weights
green tea

Pique Green Tea

For healthy weight & calm energy. Use code FBN 5% off

apple cider vinegar

Vermont Village ACV

1 TB apple cider vinegar + 1/4 c water for better balanced blood sugar

lakanto monkfruit sweetener

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Cup for cup alternative to sugar.


SweetLeaf Vanilla Stevia

stevia is a healthy sugar alternative

water bottle

Motivational Water Bottle

64 oz with time markers to achieve hydration goals


Ceylon Cinnamon

improves blood sugar metabolism

week 3 resources

eggplant meal