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I’ve always loved to cook, eat just about everything, and be active. By the end of high school I had become fascinated with food politics and how our food can help or hurt us that I was definite – nutrition was my major.

My internship included hands-on experience at Johns Hopkins Hospital where I was able to work with individuals diagnosed with some of the most rare nutrition-related diseases as well as the most common. I came away with the concern that in order to get my clients to eat healthy I would also need to show them some easy, enjoyable ways to make these foods delicious.

After becoming an RD and getting some clinical nutrition experience under my belt, I went back to Hopkins to work on nutrition research while earning a certificate in professional culinary arts. At that point I was prepared to pair my culinary arts training with my nutrition science knowledge in order to plan nourishing meals, which also pleased the palates of my clients.

I spent years helping many clients understand how to nourish themselves to feel good and avoid disease.

But there were still questions about nutrition, metabolism, and consequences of unbalanced hormones that I needed to answer for my clients and myself.

As I looked around I was becoming discouraged by the number of women I observed who seemed to be “giving up” on their health. I embarked on a mission to rescue my suffering friends by finding solutions for how to maintain a healthy weight, comfortable digestion, and a positive outlook on life. I developed a plan for how to exercise to maintain strength but not debilitate the body, how to enjoy delicious food that nourishes and doesn’t cause inflammation, and how to use food to delay effects of aging and turn on healthy genes while repressing the disease-causing genes.

I have done the research using myself as the guinea pig and have made significant changes in my own diet and lifestyle because I refuse to believe that I am expected to gain weight, become depressed, or go through my day exhausted and foggy-headed. I know which foods make me feel bloated and sluggish so I stick to delicious vegetables, fruits, pseudograins, and proteins that keep my body in balance. I also know that I feel so alert, fit, and energized after exercise so I try to choose one of my favorite activities each day whether it’s running, weight training, yoga, paddle boarding, barre class or even something new.

“I am passionate about helping you to understand that food is your medicine. Medicine without the side effects.”


healthy hormones to detoxify your body, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory food


I believe that food is our medicine. We can play a very important part in our own healthcare if we make the effort to choose to eat food that is nourishing to our bodies. Staying healthy doesn’t depend on high-priced groceries, it’s not achieved from latest diet fad, and it may not look as sexy as the prepackaged food in weight loss commercials you see.

The best way to detoxify your body, optimize your own genes to avoid disease and premature aging, and balance your many hormones for a less turbulent journey through life stages is to bathe your cells with delicious, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, hydrating, anti-inflammatory whole foods.

What you choose to eat can give you wrinkles or slow your aging, cause cancer cells to grow or create an uninhabitable environment for tumor growth, contribute to weight gain or reduce bloating and resolve digestive distress.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there! What is right for you?!

I want to help you understand how:

  • grated beets in your salad give you a boost to make it through your workout
  • ground flaxseed sprinkled on your oatmeal improves menopausal symptoms
  • miso paste whisked into your dressing eases digestion
  • an avocado blended into your smoothie decreases the inflammation of intense exercise
  • a side dish of buckwheat prevents the inflammation responsible for Irritable bowel syndrome or diabetes
  • yogurt with live cultures over fresh berries promotes healthy bacterial balance in your gut
  • stir fried broccoli carries bad estrogen out of your body
  • pomegranate seeds folded into a quinoa salad help to prevent breast cancer
  • turmeric paired with black pepper and olive oil in a spicy sauce reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling in your body

…and there is so much more I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

Eating this way and following my own lifestyle plan makes me feel vibrant, energetic, and happy. And I can’t wait to share my programs with you if you are suffering and believe you have run out of options.




  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (Maryland & Delaware)
  • Professional Culinary Arts certification
  • Servsafe certified

Jennifer lives in Maryland with her husband (#1 recipe taster) and 3 kids who have finally realized that eating what she tells them to really does make them feel good. 







Before working with Jennifer, I had been suffering from several issues that seemed to be random. Bloating after eating, post nasal drip, tonsil stones and mood swings. I did a little research to find that these symptoms all can be symptoms of dietary issues. I knew that there was some sort of link between all these symptoms, but needed help to figure out how to fix the problems. I came across Jennifer through an online search of nutritionists local to my area who have experience working with clients who already have some dietary restrictions (for me it is a gluten intolerance); I reached out and she was very quick to respond and set up a time to meet.

Jennifer was also very quick to figure out that my issues could all link back to too much sugar in my diet. Jennifer was great in providing information about the science behind the effect of sugar on the body and brain, as well as several recipes to help me combat the sugar cravings in those first couple of weeks without sugar. I live a pretty active life, and do a lot of weight training, and I really appreciated that Jennifer took time to find recipes and do some research into what would be the best way to fuel my workouts and recovery.

Now, I feel like I can actually taste food so much better, and I appreciate foods that are naturally sweet. I don't feel the cravings for crazy amounts of sugar anymore, and even if I do crave sugar, one small taste is enough (and usually even too sweet!). I feel much more empowered in the kitchen and am trying to share everything I've learned from Jennifer with others.

Renee L.


“One great bit of advice that Jennifer gave us was to change the consistency of a vegetable if you don't like it as is. Now we put all sorts of veggies in to our smoothies and my kids actually drink it! We've played around with different recipes and veggies, and we've been able to incorporate more vegetables into our diet as a result.

My kids are eating better before/after exercise, which is good. We are consuming more water and we are definitely eating better. My one daughter is a vegetarian, and we've been able to incorporate more protein into her diet with Jennifer's suggestions and recipes.

I liked that she asked questions and got to know us as a family before recommending changes. I think the things she recommended were very doable and she left us with a nice packet of information and recipes that's still on my fridge, I refer to if often.

I would recommend Jennifer to friends. She did a very good job and she's extremely knowledgable.”



"I was struggling with a low glycemic, low salt, low fat diet to control my blood sugar level and high blood pressure while feeling sluggish and low energy, when my trusted Physician referred me to 'the knowledgable and best nutritionist in town'! Since my first meeting with Jennifer she demonstrated a deep interest in guiding me through a nutritional therapeutic program. She taught me about hormonal balance and anti inflammatory foods. She thoughtfully prepared a nutritional chart with a meal plan addressing my health issues and concerns.

In a matter of two weeks I could see the results: blood sugar’s daily readings in the normal levels, lower blood pressure and more energy, as a bonus! Thank you Jennifer, you showed me that with the right diet the physical ailments signs and symptoms can be minimized or even reversed."



Before I had heard of Fresh Balance Nutrition and Jennifer Cohen Katz, RD LDN, I associated cleanses with drinking inedible juices or eating a very restrictive diet. Hence, why I never did one. This is NOT the case with Jennifer’s program; It does not feel like a cleanse but more like I am eating at a five star spa. Over a two week period, I noticed:

  • Skin looks better
  • Body temperature better regulated; not always hot
  • Calmer
  • Less congested
  • More energy

Kerry B.


“Wow, you weren't kidding about seeing results.  I am a bit shocked that I lost that post 3rd baby weight that I just assumed was here to stay. Even increasing may exercise wasn't making any difference. I am also happy to have broken the habit of drinking a high sugar latte in the afternoon.

I found the cleanse super convenient and appreciated all of the high quality food. The variety of meals helped keep me motivated, not to mention the sweet but delicious healthy snacks. I feel inspired to try to add more variety to my cooking at home.”

Kim T.


Hi Jennifer, As usual, thanks for an awesome re-boot and jump start to healthy eating! I appreciate the time and work you put into this to make it successful. I feel great and ready to take on the holidays. You rock:)