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Friendly Finds for October

In Friendly Finds by Jennifer

Get in touch with your authentic self and lower your cortisol level. Don't stress about the way you think, act, and react. You've most likely already taken a personality test ...
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Vanilla Chia Almond Milk

In Mylk, Recipe by Jennifer

For those of you who are into making your own almond milk, you'll find this nutritionally enhanced version intriguing. Most store-bought varieties of nut milks contain all sorts of gums ...
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Beet & Tart Cherry Energy Bites

In Recipe, Snack by Jennifer

Headaches and Muscle Aches As the generation sandwiched between moody teenagers and aging parents, our attention is tugged in two directions. Even after long work days end our work is ...
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Fruit and Vegetable Rice Wraps

In Dinner, Recipe by Jennifer

The weather is warm, the farmers markets are open, hello fruit and vegetables. I've been enjoying the combination of vegetable-based recipes sweetened slightly by the addition of fruit. This is ...